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BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio

Oct 28, 2017

My guest today is Randall Grizzle. Randall is a sales superstar.

Randall is here today to share his experience with us. He shares his tips and tricks to increase your revenue. He also shares his values and how to be an honest salesman.

Join us as we dive into the core of his Secrets.


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Sep 3, 2017

Dave is the King of Kombucha and the Baron of Bath Bombs. He's created a tiny cardboard empire shipping DIY kits for stuff he already thinks is cool. After finding a passion for marketing and a short stint stretching old ladies in a retirement home Dave launched to help people everywhere make their own...

Sep 1, 2017

Angela was first a guest of mine in 2011 when my show was The BizNinja Radio Hour on NBC News Radio. I've moved to ABC News and done 500 different businesses in the past 6 years but Angela has stayed focus on growing her company, fitlosophy.

Learn more about Angela at

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Aug 21, 2017

Former NFL player and current Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. John DeWitt has authored the book Head Games and is launching a dietary supplement called BrainMed. 

In today's episode we dive into why he's taking the concussion problem into his own hands with comprehensive solutions and support. 


Aug 18, 2017

Jay Leishman and his partner Bryant Garvin have managed ads resulting in millions of dollars in sales. 

What is the #1 thing you should do when getting started? Listen to episode 30 with Jay Leishman to find out how momentum is the key to growth.